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The introduction of new policy and a desire to address climate change has created a wide range of opportunities in Alberta’s green technology market. Companies and post-secondary institutions are investing in research to develop innovative new green technologies and make processes more sustainable.

Equana Technologies is bridging the gap between electricity supply and demand by making distributed energy storage more economic, flexible and reliable to enable renewable energy sources into the grid. DIRTT Environmental Solutions uses its proprietary ICE® 3D software to design and manufacture custom prefab interiors with longevity and flexibility to outlast building lifecycles and leaving virtually no waste during construction.  

The Centre for Advanced Solar Materials at the University of Calgary is designing novel ways of converting sunlight to electricity and high-density fuels such as hydrogen. Also at the University of Calgary, the Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research Group is developing technologies and solutions for clean and efficient energy storage and conversion of electricity, such as batteries, electrolyzers, and fuel cells. The Green Building Technologies Research Division at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is working with industry to develop environmentally-friendly technologies, processes, programs, systems, and services that will fundamentally change the way buildings are constructed, education is delivered, and skills are developed.