Over half of Alberta's fastest growing companies are in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. This growth has been felt in the Calgary Region as well, as Calgary is home to the largest number of technology start-ups per capita in the country and is ranked in the top 5 tech talent markets in Canada. 

Calgary’s complex and rapidly evolving ICT sector is made up of five main sub-sectors, which include Information Technologies, Electronics, Wireless and Telecommunications, Geomatics, and Digital Media. The sub-sectors’ contribution to Calgary’s economy extends to all parts of our society and our economy making the continued growth and development of these industries vital to the city.

Calgary’s ICT companies have several valuable assets and initiatives to assist in their growth and development and to support them in the dynamic and rapidly changing business environment that typifies the industry and the economy in general.

Innovate Calgary is one such resource for Calgary-based ICT companies. A partnership between Calgary Technologies Inc. and University Technologies International, Innovate Calgary provides a variety of services, from business incubation, investment opportunities and office and lab space.

Clean Technology

Jurisdictions around the world are looking for more environmentally sustainable ways to extract energy, produce it and use it to power our day-to-day lives. Alberta is no different.

Our greatest opportunity to further Alberta's clean energy story will come from technology. Many clean energy technologies are already proven and simply require a better way to deploy them on a large scale. Some remain to be proven, while others have yet to be imagined.

Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America with mandatory greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for large emitters across all sectors.

The program includes a price on carbon, a regulated carbon offset market and a clean energy technology fund worth over $398 million (as of April 2013).

Read about a Carbon XPrize success story.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Alberta's $1.3 billion commitment to this clean energy technology will result in a collection of projects, pipelines, storage and financing that is unique in the world.

As carbon capture and storage is a global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are tremendous opportunities for those who have knowledge and experience they can provide to others around the world.

Technology Grants

With today’s innovation funding programs, development and commercialization work can be advanced that much quicker than in the past by securing innovation funding that is currently available to Alberta technology companies. Never before has there been as much innovation funding, and, as many support services to assist technology driven businesses move forward with development and commercialization work.

Summary of Provincial and Federal Grant & Contribution Programs

Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates is the province's strategic hub for research and technology innovation. It coordinates the efforts of government, post-secondary institutions, industry and funding organizations that are committed to working cooperatively to reduce environmental impacts of energy development. All non-proprietary knowledge is shared to help speed up clean energy technology development worldwide.

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