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Calgary is a thriving business centre in Western Canada that can offer quality office, retail and industrial space available for companies looking to expand or relocate operations.

The addition of premium office space in the downtown core in recent years, across all classes of properties, has made Calgary more affordable than ever and there is capacity to accommodate from large-floor plate offices to shared workspaces.

Calgary is home to more corporate head offices per capita than any city in Canada and has more than 56,000 small and medium businesses. Your business can succeed in Calgary; a city of over 1.4 million people that’s home to Canada’s energy industry as well as major firms in sectors such as transportation and logistics, agribusiness, financial services, creative industries.


Calgary's strong economy has fueled real estate growth for the region. Calgary has 41.2 million square feet of downtown office space and 24.7 million square feet of suburban office space across all classes.

The average age of Calgary's office buildings is the youngest of any major Canadian city, which offers benefits such as efficient building systems, high environmental standards and state of the art design with high efficiency leasing.

For downtown office space, an additional advantage lies with the Plus 15 skywalk system, which has over 16 kilometres of above-grade retail infrastructure and creates a vibrant retail experience in the downtown core.

Calgary Office Real Estate Market - Q2 2017
  Total Inventory (SF) New Supply for Quarter (SF) YTD New Supply (SF) Absorption for Quarter (SF) YTD Absorption (SF) Vacancy Rate (%) Under Construction (SF)
Downtown Office Class AA 16,675,867 1,400,000 1,400,000 273,064 314,173 23.5% 430,000
Downtown Office Class A 11,876,549 0 0 -231,829 -236,923 23.4% 0
Downtown Office Class B 9,961,374 0 0 -55,684 -138,332 36.7% 0
Downtown Office Class C 4,047,226 0 0 -63,169 -55,376 35.3% 0
Downtown Office Class D 55,000 0 0 1 -1,159 18.7% 0
Total Downtown Office 42,616,016 1,400,000 1,400,000 -77,618 -177,618 27.7% 430,000
Suburban Office Class A 12,859,207 113,044 113,044 138,499 34,766 21.5% 487,391
Suburban Office Class B 8,902,754 0 0 -126,240 -222,185 22.9% 0
Suburban Office Class C 3,121,670 0 0 30,058 -12,830 21.8% 0
Suburban Total 24,735,756 113,044 113,044 -42,316 -200,249 22.0% 487,391
Total Office Market Class AA 16,675,867 1,400,000 1,400,000 273,064 314,173 23.5% 430,000
Total Office Market Class A 24,735,756 113,044 0 -93,330 -202,157 22.4% 487,391
Total Office Market Class B 18,864,128 0 0 -181,925 -360,517 30.2%  0
Total Office Market Class C&D 7,223,896 0 0 -33,111 -69,365 29.3%  0
Total Office Market Total 67,499,647 1,513,044 1,400,000 -35,302 -317,867 25.6% 917,391

 Source: CBRE Limited

Calgary offers 131 million square feet of industrial space, generally located in the South East and North East quadrants of the city. This inventory is composed mainly of transportation, logistics and manufacturing facilities. Approximately 35 per cent of our inventory has been built in the past 10 years; therefore, there are significant energy efficiencies, building design and site amenities to accommodate current warehousing standards and transportation equipment needs.

Calgary Industrial Real Estate Market - Q2 2017
Total inventory (SF) New Supply for Quarter (SF) YTD New Supply (SF) Absorption for Quarter (SF) YTD Absorption (SF) Availability Rate (SF) Under Construction (SF)
131,506,236 75,000 165,844 584,454 679,327 9.3% 236,908

Source: CBRE Limited


Calgary offers a wide variety of retail space options; comprised primarily of enclosed shopping centres, power centres, strip malls and podium retail. The Calgary Region is also the home of one of the only two new enclosed shopping centres to have been built in Canada in over 20 years.

Most major national and international retailers are located in Calgary and boast some of the highest productivity levels in the nation for a variety of reasons - including highest personal income per capita in 2016 at $64,481 (Conference Board of Canada) and highest number of millionaires in Canada on a per capita basis in 2015 (225.3 per 100,000) (Statistics Canada) - which contribute to high sales volumes. 

Resource: Calgary Retail Vacancy Breakdown, Q4 2017, Barclay Street

Calgary has a major brokerage presence that can provide much needed services to individuals and organizations looking to purchase land and infrastructure. There are many benefits to using a broker: they are aware of current market conditions; they know and have established relationships with the key industry players; and finally, brokers are well-versed in the process of purchasing land and infrastructure, including legal requirements, making offers and writing/reviewing documents related to purchase. Representation from a broker is critical to ensuring a successful purchase and avoiding legal difficulties by choosing to purchase without the assistance of a broker. Calgary Economic Development’s Business Development Managers have strong relationships with brokers in the city, and can assist organizations and individuals in matching them with the appropriate broker. For more information, contact the Sector Specialist below.

The City of Calgary and Calgary Economic Development understand the importance of a streamlined and efficient permit approval process, and have established cutting edge tools to facilitate projects and their approvals through The City of Calgary – Development and Building Approvals Business Unit. Unlike most jurisdictions with competing regions and towns in the metropolitan area, the city of Calgary (covering an area of approximately 14 miles by 20 miles) is under a single governing authority with common land use and building permitting regulations and procedures. This is a major advantage as businesses can easily compare location options throughout the city. 

Companies can compare available space by office class, total space and leasing district. The tool also provides information for the leasing contact so companies can inquire further about space they are interested in.

Use the Altus InSite tool or Spacelist to search for available space.

The City of Calgary also provides information on available land for sale as well as future land available, and provides information and resource links for industrial land sales, commercial land sales and residential land sales.

Visit The City of Calgary for more information and to use their interactive map.

The BOMA Building Inventory also provides users with a comprehensive and searchable database of all industrial, retail and office towers. The list details individual building information, covering everything from square footage to parking, building owners and lease agents.

View the current (or historical) BOMA Building Guide

Calgary Economic Development has also developed two maps that show the city of Calgary as well as Calgary's downtown core. These maps also show transportation links and Calgary's +15 system.

View City of Calgary Map

View a Map of Calgary's Downtown Core

Commercial mortgage lenders can offer a variety of options for small and medium businesses at both fixed and/or variable interest rates. It's wise to ensure you are getting a competitive rate by seeking advice from a commercial mortgage broker, ask our Sector Specialist for a recommendation.

Factors that affect interest rates for commercial loans:
Bank of Canada - Lending Rates

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Mortgage Terms Glossary

Residential Real Estate

While Calgary Economic Development’s focus is on the non-residential real estate market, the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) is ranked as one of the largest real estate boards in Canada and offers a variety of services and resources. One of the main functions of CREB is the operation of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Through MLS, members and their clients have immediate access to the latest information on properties listed for sale.

Learn more about the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Search for residential properties through the Multiple Listing Service.

Visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for information on mortgages, renovating and government funding programs.

Learn more about Calgary communities at

Read the Buss Report, identifying all condo developments in Calgary, as well as market information and development profiles.


Calgary's Site Selector

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BizPal is an online tool that helps to simplify the processes for permit applications, business licenses and other compliance regulations. To learn more, visit BizPal.

The Altus Insite tool allows users to search for available industrial and office facilities based on a variety of criteria.

Search for available facilities using Altus Insite.


In 2011, the Investment Property Databank ranked Calgary as the location that produced the highest returns for commercial real estate out of 60 international cities.

The Business Link operates out of Calgary Economic Development's Global Business Centre, and provides services and information for individuals looking to start a business.


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