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Manufacturing in Calgary is a dynamic sector comprising a variety of consumer and industrial products. The manufacturing sector has benefited from strong economic growth in Calgary and Alberta. According to 2016 statistics via Statistics Canada, there are 40,900 individuals employed in the manufacturing sector in Calgary and 1,636 business establishments. In 2016, the total GDP from the manufacturing sector was listed at just over $5.9 million (Statistics Canada).

In Calgary, the manufacturing sector has a number of sub-sectors, including:

  • Food manufacturing;
  • Wood products manufacturing;
  • Printing and related support activities;
  • Chemical manufacturing;
  • Primary metal manufacturing;
  • Fabricated metal products manufacturing;
  • Machinery manufacturing;
  • Computer and electronic products manufacturing; and,
  • Furniture and related products manufacturing.

The well-established oil and gas industry has attracted people and capital from around the world, creating business opportunities and fuelling innovation in every economic sector. In particular, several of Calgary’s manufacturing sub-sectors have found strong markets within the resource sector.

The city’s exceptional business climate offers manufacturers well developed infrastructure, good access to capital, head office concentration of buyers, a large skilled labour pool and an entrepreneurial community.

Compared to other major North American cities, Calgary’s manufacturing companies have competitive costs in key areas, such as research and development (R&D), industrial land and taxes. Calgary’s highly trained, well educated, and motivated labour force provides the sector with the human capital to thrive and innovate.

True to the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, Calgary manufacturers have made substantial investments in the most current technology and are more modern and efficient than many of their competitors.

Manufacturing Density Map

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