Building on our Energy, the 10-year Economic Strategy for Calgary is a refresh of the original strategy released in 2008. Calgary and the world have changed significantly and it was necessary to evaluate our progress and reformulate our priorities as the Strategy approached the fifth year of implementation.


The process of refreshing the Strategy engaged more than 300 citizens, elected officials, community and business leaders from Calgary and the surrounding region to discuss the original priorities, evaluate the progress and assess whether our priorities had shifted.


The Strategy is the result of stakeholders emphasizing the need to focus on our strengths—to build on our energy. For stakeholders, "energy" represents the energy of our people and our city.


Even in the current slowdown, Calgarians remain hopeful and identified a number of economic opportunities for the city while recognizing the need to continue to build on our global reputation and foster purposeful diversification of our economy. There is also a need for a greater focus on building a strong community and ensuring everyone n Calgary has the opportunity to share in our prosperity. As a result, the Strategy was renamed Building on our Energy.


The Strategy identifies six energies as our areas of focus: Global, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Community, People and Collaborative.


They build on the strength of the energy sector, support entrepreneurs, give greater attention to growing technology and innovation as well as raise the profile and importance of building, attracting and retaining a skilled work force through a renewed focus on people and community. Finally, and most importantly, there is attention given to the need to work more collaboratively to ensure the implementation of the Strategy is successful.



Vision: Calgary is a city of boundless energy. The source of our energy and economic success is our sense of community and our commitment to shared prosperity and sustainable development. We welcome everyone to be part of the energy.

Mission: To align The City of Calgary, its civic partners, private sector and other community organizations in achieving economic competitiveness, embracing shared prosperity and building a strong community.


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