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everyone is welcome to be part of the energy

Each year Calgary Economic Development launches a campaign called Calgary. Be Part of the Energy. to help continue to change perceptions and tell the story about what makes Calgary a great place to make a living and make a life. 

Each promotional element directs to a landing page called which links out to information about visiting, working, and living in Calgary.

The campaign slogan is an invitation to be part of the energy in Calgary. The creative is intended to define what energy means and expand beyond Calgary’s primary industry. It showcases both the lifestyle and the business/career opportunities in Calgary.



There's an energy in Calgary that exhilarates, invigorates and motivates. It's a place of big skies and big ideas. Nothing is etched in stone, anything is possible and everything is on the horizon, including a Rocky Mountain playground that will take your breath away. Calgary is an economic force and a catalyst for today’s trailblazers. There's an intense, urban vitality here that unleashes the bold, can-do spirit of entrepreneurs and innovators, artists and athletes. Our city's vibrancy and competitive spirit drive commerce, culture and sport. In every endeavour, we are risk-takers and visionaries, and we are thriving. Our lifestyle is active, our perspective is global and our Western values run deep. Volunteerism is in our blood. A handshake still means something. And who you are is more important than who you know or where you’re from. This is a diverse city that embraces change and change-makers, and supports and sustains its communities and its people. There is opportunity here — to start a business, start a new life or start an adventure. And everyone is welcome to be part of the energy. 

Energy in business

If you are thinking of working or starting a business in Alberta, explore Calgary's energetic business community first and discover why so many Canadians love living and doing business here in Calgary. While its leading economic driver is the energy industry, there are many other key industries here as well. Calgary's opportunities are diverse and plentiful; you are welcome to be part of the energy! Select an industry and watch and learn more for yourself and hopefully we have put you one step closer to finding out everything you need to know about living and working in Calgary

Energy in life

Are you considering living in Calgary? Wondering what it's like to live and work in Calgary? We have good news for you - you can hear first hand from energetic business leaders who are doing just that. You'll hear them talk about amazing business opportunities, arts, culture, family fun, work life balance, endless activities and the beauty of a landscape that you are sure to love - just to name a few. Calgary is full of life, culture, diversity and excitement. And there's an energy in Calgary that's unlike any other. Learn more about living and doing business in Calgary.


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