Workforce Management

Calgary has one of the lowest unemployment levels in Canada, world-class education and opportunities across hundreds of careers and industries.


The nature of work has changed. Rapid advancements in information and communications technologies have fuelled a fundamental shift in how and when knowledge work is conducted.


WORKshift: n. A practice by which employees work where and when they are most efficient.
Telework: n. Employees working from home 5 days/week in their bunny slippers.

WORKshift enables employees to work where and when they are most effective – to think outside the office. This could include working from home, a distributed work centre, a client site, or anywhere an employee can effectively complete their work. WORKshift programs typically promote flexible work one to two days a week but can include full-time or occasional WORKshiftting.

WORKshift was established as a promising and trusted brand in the Calgary marketplace in 2009 as Calgary companies faced new challenges: a war for talent, increasing real estate costs and longer commutes for their employees. WORKshift provides a “safe haven” for organizations risking the turbulent seas of this mega-change environment toward increased virtualization.  A trusted friend, a thought leader, a selfless collaborator in finding solutions – WORKshift helps organizations raise their knowledge and understanding of the ‘telework’ phenomenon, increase their acumen in addressing their specific needs, and be more certain of the kind of vendor help they may need.    

WORKshift has a proven track record. Organizations that have embraced these programs see “triple bottom-line” benefits: they can see a marked return on investment through savings in real estate costs; increased employee productivity, attraction and retention; and a significant reduction in their organization’s carbon footprint.

Companies that are looking to implement a flexible work program in their organization can become a part of WORKshift where they will receive resources and consulting on how to effectively introduce and operationalize a successful initiative.

To learn more about WORKshift and build a business case for implementing telework in your organization, visit WORKshift.