Right Here: Destination Video

The “Right Here” video showcases Calgary's unique energy and community vibe and shows that Calgary is no longer a big small city but rather an emerging global city.

Our city is young and vibrant and there is opportunity for new experiences whether you are looking for a place to live, meet or visit.

You need to be Right Here to be part of the energy.


Vocals by Calgary artist: Jocelyn Alice  Visit website
Music and Lyrics by Calgary songwriter: Michael Shields
Video Production by Joe Media

The making of Right Here, Calgary's new destination video:

  • 4 food trucks enlisted
  • Over 280 talent participated in the making of this video, ALL Calgarians
  • 21 crew, all from Alberta
  • Music and lyrics by Mike Shields
  • 11 Shoot days
  • Almost 2000 hours of on set
  • 317 releases signed
  • Shot on RED Epic with additional C300 and GoPro footage
  • More than 3TB of footage
  • 176 different shots in the final video
  • 170 of those shot just for this video
  • 1 shot that required VFX work (logo removal)
  • Over 170 hours editing and colour correcting
  • 1 fainting incident
  • 2 stoic fisherman
  • 5 attempts at getting a beautiful skyline shot of the city were foiled by the weather
  • 1 very used crew van
  • Danced with Decidedly Jazz and the Alberta Ballet
  • Hung out in buses, yellow cabs and police cars
  • 33 different locations were used including:
    • 9 Parks
    • 1 airport
    • 8 restaurants/bars
    • 7 significant landmarks
    • 4 hotels
  • More permits than we can count
  • 25 bags of nuts for the director (and we're not talking about the crew)
  • 12 flats of water
  • 12 pens not returned to the PA
  • 2 Snow-making machines
  • 1 box of hot pocket hand warmers
  • 4 water guns
  • 1 very cool red mustang that the casting director got to drive
  • 3 very large rafts that were transported in our very used crew van
  • 4 dogs
  • 12 bikes