Calgary’s healthcare sector is forecasted to be the city’s most in-demand sector for workers. Calgary is home to innovative companies producing medical devices and delivering health related professional services.

Calgary health & wellness industry

The Health and Wellness sector represents a significant opportunity for Calgary. Calgary has become a leader in advanced technological research and service delivery, as well as becoming a leader in wellness. With existing strengths in the areas of sport medicine & fitness, kinesiology, and e-health, the opportunity is ripe for advancement and development of the health and wellness sector as a collective economic driver. The convergence of ICT and related healthcare research and services produces significant niche potential for Calgary.

(Source: Calgary Economic Development Strategy.)

Calgary is also home to innovative companies and institutions producing medical devices and delivering health-related professional services. The University of Calgary is a leader in the development of health services technology through its Ward of the 21st Century (W21C). The W21C has been recognized for its Healthcare Human Factors and Simulation Laboratory, which includes iStan, a Human Patient Simulator which can not only replicate a variety of health situations, but can also speak and interact with the users. The W21C was part of the 2010 Royal Tour and is just one of the numerous Calgary- and Alberta-based institutions and organizations leading the way in healthcare research and innovation.