Creative Industries

Calgary’s creative industries landscape includes everything from e-publishing to theatre, and gaming to research. And in 2012 Calgary was named a Cultural Capital of Canada.

Alberta Creative Hub


The creation of permanent, purpose-built soundstages in Calgary has been discussed in the film and television industry for almost three decades. However, in the past three years, through the leadership of Calgary Economic Development, the possibility of building this infrastructure in Calgary has moved from discussion to action.

As the fourth-largest filming jurisdiction in Canada, the Calgary Region/Southern Alberta accounts for 80 per cent of all film and TV projects shot in the province. Because of a lack of permanent, purpose-built facilities, this region has been unable to accommodate some major projects. Current film soundstages (including the Currie Barracks) are being demolished to build other residential and commercial facilities.

The Alberta Creative Hub facilities would help mitigate these issues by providing permanent soundstages that can house major film and TV projects. In addition, permanent indoor facilities allow for a year-round shooting schedule not dependent on Calgary’s weather.


There are a number of benefits to the Alberta Creative Hub. These benefits include:

  1. Economic diversification: for every $1 invested in the screen industries, there is a $5 return on investment, and this investment can also see spin-off economic benefits in sectors such as hospitality and tourism.
  2. Training and mentorship: the Alberta Creative Hub will house a suite of programming and training in collaboration with post-secondary institutions, unions, guilds and associations. These programs will ensure that the next generation of creative industries professionals will get the training required to be a competitive candidate.
  3. Job creation: permanent facilities will increase the volume of indigenous and foreign productions shot in Calgary, which in turn will provide increased job opportunities and mitigate the loss of crews to other jurisdictions.