Calgary Industries


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The energy industry is a key driver of Calgary and Alberta's economy. It combines conventional oil and gas with renewable energy, and local innovation is increasing the efficiency and environmental sustainability of everything from natural gas to wind power.

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Financial Services


Calgary's financial services sector supports industry, provides commercial/personal banking services and houses two stock exchanges & the provincial securities regulator.

Financial Services

Film, TV & Creative Industries


The Calgary Region is the fourth largest filming jurisdiction in Canada and has a thriving creative industries community including music, theatre, digital media and e-publishing.

Film, TV & Creative Industries

Real Estate Services


Calgary's strong economy has fueled real estate growth in the commercial real estate sector for the region, particularly in the office, industrial and retail market.

Real Estate Services

Transportation & Logistics


Calgary is Western Canada's transportation hub, connected by rail, road and air networks, and is a distribution centre for major companies including Walmart, Target and Costco.

Transportation & Logistics



Canada's largest number of technology start-ups per capita originate in Calgary. Calgary's rapidly evolving technology sector consists of Information Technologies, Electronics, Wireless and Telecommunications, Geomatics, and Digital Media. 

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Calgary's manufacturing industry drives the demands for goods and services from other sectors of the provincial economy.

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